The Best Self Defense Weapons for women

Pepper spray is amongst the most popular devices carried for self defense for women and men alike. The utilization of this tool from both a defensive and legal position will yield among the best results. It rarely causes permanent damage. One may expect uncontrollable tearing of the eyes, partial to complete lack of vision, labored breathing, coughing, and running of the nose. Symptoms will last from thirty minutes to several hours before they fully diminish. You have to be able to draw it quickly from any location that you plan on carrying it. Practice drawing your weapon over a continual basis with mock firing drills. Familiarize yourself with its spray pattern and then any possibility of backsplash.

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Defensive flashlights can also be a great protection device. Be certain to find one that is 150 lumens or over, has sharp edges, and will be used as a bludgeoning tool. In low light situations a flash from a high lumen beam will temporarily cause a fan of full blindness allowing one to gain control of the problem, or depart quickly.

Taser's and stun guns are both part of the non lethal self-defense weapon archetype as well. Stun guns will disrupt the nervous system and must be applied straight away to the assailant. Tasers use a range of up to fifteen feet and disrupt the nervous and muscular system, so that it is nearly impossible for an assailant to gain control of his body. These tools are available in a wide assortment of volts and watts. It may be the wattage that you should take note of and get the highest you can find.

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A good defensive knife can conserve your life, but also requires a great deal more training as opposed to non lethal methods. You must learn to use your knife offensively, defensively, and become proficient in disarming techniques. A knife could be a powerful ally if understood and respected, nevertheless, you must be fully prepared how the situation may turn fatal.

Firearms really are a widely used method of personal protection. Like a knife a firearm requires specialized training. If you decide to carry a firearm, find a self defense instructor that will teach you weapon retention and counter gun techniques. A poorly prepared person will chance having their weapon drawn in an encounter and used against them.

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Still the very best tools are the ones that can't be taken away from you. So invest some time in a Self Defense class, or do some self study employing an online course. Look for a principle based method including “Embracing Force: A women’s help guide to personal protection.” Remember your own personal safety is up to you, so take control and get the skills you need. They may save your life the ideal.

If you choose to carry any self defense purposes product, consult a professional about your local laws for carry and employ. Some tools are permitted where other people are not, and some require special permits.

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